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What is it?

It's a library of node/javascript helpers and series of gulp plugins, and a command line tool (tog) that help generating and publishing a static blog. It's what's currently powering my blog/site

Why not use another static blog generator?

I should have :) - but wanted to learn GulpJS and just hack on something.

Why does your site look just like an Octopress site?

I wrote a series on how to migrate from Blogspot to Octopress and then struggled to get my series to render the way I wanted using Jekyll/Octopress and quickly found myself wanting to hack on something (not in Ruby). So I ported my blog yet-again from OctoPress to a static nodejs generated site leveraging Gulp and this tool-set grew out of it.

Can I use it?

I dare you... I can't say I know the future of it at this point, but I'm quite liking it so far.

I need to create a sample gulpfile.js to show how I use it to generate my blog.

Feel free to start up a conversation in the issues.

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